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Indiana Breweries
Open Breweries:
Open Brewpubs:
Planned Breweries
Planned Brewpubs




Brewpub (beer and food on-site
Tap Room (samples and sales on-site
Brewery Adjunct restaurant (7)


18th Street Brewery
5725 Miller Ave., Gary
(BR, TR) - map
18th Street Brewery
(BR, TR)
(In planning stage)
  95ate5 Brewpub
9585 N. Industrial Drive.
St. John
Under construction)
Back Road Brewery
308 Perry, LaPorte
(BR, TR) - map
Bulldog Brewing
1409 119th St., Whiting
(BP) - map
Burn Em' Brewing
718 Freyer Rd., Michigan City
(BR, TR)
Byway Brewing
2825 Carlson Dr., Hammond
(Planned to open in Sept, 2015)
Crown Brewing
211 S. East St., Crown Point
(BR, TR) - map
Devil's Trumpet
8250 Utah St.4, Merrillville
(BR, TR) - map
Dynamo Brewing
121 E. Main St., Griffith
(BR, TR)
Evil Czech Brewery
530 S. Ohio St., Culver
(BP) - map
Figure Eight Brewing
150 S. Washington St.,  Valparaiso
(BP) - map
Four Fathers Brewing
1555 W. Lincolnway,  Valparaiso
(BR, TR) - map
Hunter's Brewing
1535 S. Calumet Rd.,  Chesterton
(BR, TR) - map
Ironwood Brewing
6 Roosevelt Rd., Valparaiso
(BR, TR) - map
Malt Brothers
9575/9607 Wicker Ave., Saint John
(BR, TR) - map
New Oberpfalz Brewing
121 E. Main St., Griffith
(BR, TR) - map
Pokro Brewing
311 N. Broad St., Griffith
(BR, TR) - map
Route 2 Brews
141 Harding Dr., Lowell
(BR, TR)
Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant
208 Wabash St., Michigan City
(BP) - map
Three Floyds Brewing
9750 Indiana Pkwy, Munster
(BP ) - map
Twisted K-8
610 Monroe St., La Porte
(BR) - map
Wildrose Brewing
1104 E. Main St., Griffith
(Planned for spring, 2015 opening)
(BR, TR)
Windmill Brewing
(In planning)


Back Alley Brewing
211 S. Main St., Goshen
(BP) - map

Bare Hands Brewery
12804 Sandy Ct., Granger
(BR, TR) - map


Bird Boy Brewing
Fort Wayne
(In planning stage)

Brewery of Winona
123 Main St., Winona Lake
(BR, TR)
Chapman's Brewing
300 Industrial Rd., Angola
(BR, TR) - map
Crooked Ewe Brewery
1047 Lincolnway E., South Bend
(BP) - map
(Construction under way)
Drewrys Brewing
1164 E. Victoria St., South Bend
(Beer Rebrander)
Evil Czech Brewery
3703 N. Main St., Mishawaka
(BP) - map
Goshen Brewing
("soon to open")
Granite City Food and Brewery
3809 Coldwater Rd., Fort Wayne - map
6501 Grape Rd., University Park Mall, Mishawaka
(BP) - map
Hydraulic Ale Works
214 W. Jefferson, Goshen (Planned)
Iechyd Da Brewing
317 N. Main St., Elkhart
(BP) - map
Mad Anthony Brewing
4080N 300W, Angola
(ABP and event center)
114 N. Main St., Auburn
(ABP) - map
2002 Broadway, Fort Wayne
(BP) - map
113 E.Center St., Warsaw
(ABP) - map
Man Cave Brewing
407 E. Medusa St., Syracuse
(BR) - map
New Paradigm Brewing
600 S. Main St., Elkhart
(BP) - map
(License granted. Open early June)
Norris English Pub
East Liberty
Old School Brauhaus
Fort Wayne
(BR) - map
(Planned spring opening)
Summit City Brewerks
1501 E. Berry St., Fort Wayne
(BP) - map
South Bend Brew Werks
216 S. Michigan St., South Bend
(BP) - map
Sylvan Cellars
2725 E. Northport Rd., Rome City
(BR and event center)
(Planned for late 2015)
Thomas-Stieglitz Brewing
211 S. 5th St., Goshen
(Under construction)
Trouble Brewing
2725 Broadway St., Fort Wayne
(Planned opening in summer, 2015)
Wedgewood Brewing
106 S. Main St., Middlebury
(BR, TR) - map
To open in 2015.
Note that the Winner's Circle Brewpub & OTB is NOT a brewpub. Neither are the locations of Winner's Circle in Indianapolis or at the Indiana Grand Casino.
Wood*Boat Brewing
702 E. Lake View Rd.,  Syracuse
(BR) - map

North Central

Barley Island Brewing
639 Conner St., Noblesville
(BP) - map
Black Sail Brewing
113 Water St., Plymouth
(BR, TR)
Deer Creek Brewery
17661 Cumberland Rd. (at Conner St.) Noblesville
(BR, TR) In construction. Owned by Barley Island
Guardian Brewing
Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery
4051 S. Lafountain St., Kokomo
(BP) - map
Happy Brewing
15660 W. Commerce Rd., Dale
(BR, TR)
Lafayette Brewing
622 Main St., Lafayette
(BP) - map
New Corner Brewing
1900 W. Mt. Pleasant Blvd, Muncie
(BR) - map
People's Brewing
2006 N. 9th St., Lafayette
(BR, TR) - map
Scarlet Lane Brewing
7724 Depot St., McCordsville
(BR, TR) - map
Wolve's Head Brewing (at the Heorot)
219 S. Walnut St., Muncie
(BP) - map


Basket Case Brewing (Mill House Restaurant)
1240 Mill St., Jasper
(BP) - map

Burgh Brewing
(BR, TR)

Carson's Brewery
2402 Lynch Rd., Evansville
(BR, TR) - map

Chateau de Pique (Pardieck Winery)
6361 N. CR 760E, Seymour
(BR, TR) - map
1305 Veterans Pkwy, Clarksville
(TR) - map

Donum Dei Brewery
3211 Grant Line Rd., New Albany
(BP) - map
(Under construction)

Flat 12 Bierworks
130 W. Riverside Dr., Jeffersonville
(TR) - map

Floyd County Brewing
1st & Main Sts. New Albany
(BP) - map

Great Crescent Brewery
315 Importing St., Aurora
(BR, BP, TR) - map

New Albanian Brewing
Rich O's Public House
3312 Plaza Dr., New Albany
(BP) - map
Bank Street Brewhouse & Earth Frieds Cafe
415 Bank St., New Albany
(BR, TR) - map

Point Blank Brewing
105 E. Beaver St., Corydon
(BP) - map

The Pour Haus
706 Humboldt St., Tell City
(BP)- map

Red Yeti
256 Spring St., Jeffersonville
(BP) - map

Pursue Peace
Seek Peace

Saint Benedict's Brew Works
802 E. 10th St., Ferdinand
(BR, TR) - map
(Planned summer 2015 opening)


Schnitz Brewery & Pub
(Sister the the Schnitzelbank)
1 Country Club Dr., Jasper

Tell City Beer
Tell City
(BR, TR)
(Under construction)

Tin Man Brewing
1430 W. Franklin St., Evansville
(BR, TR) - map

Turoni's Main Street Brewery
Turoni's Pizza
408 N. Main St., Evansville
(BP) - map
4 N. Weinbach Ave., Evansville
(ABP) - map
Turoni's Newburgh
8011 Bell Oaks Dr., Newburgh

Twisted Crew Brewing
755 W. 2nd St., Seymour
(BR, TR) - map

Wrecker Brewing
1419 E. Market St., New Albany
(BR) - map
(In Planning)

Wasser Beer Company
(BR, TR)
(Waiting for city planning. Should open in 2015)

Indianapolis area

Bent Rail Brewery
5301 N. Winthrop, Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(BP) - map

Bier Brewery and Taproom
5133 E. 65th St., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Big Lug Canteen - 1435 E. 86th St., Indianapolis

Big Woods Brewing
1010 Main St., Speedway

Black Acre Brewing
5632 E. Washington St., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Blind Owl
62nd & Binford, Indianapolis
(BP) - map

 (Planned to open in 2015)

Black Swan Brewpub
2067 E. Hadley Rd., Plainfield
(BP) - map

Blunderbuss Brewing
(Planned opening in summer, 2015)

Books & Brews
9402 Uptown Dr., Indianapolis
(BP) - map

3021 Meridian Meadows Rd, Greenwood
(Brew On Premises) - map

Brew Link Brewing
5778 E. US 40, Plainfield
(BR, TR, Homebrew Supplies) - map
(Under construction)

Broad Ripple Brewpub
843 E. 65th St., Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(BP) - map

Brugge Brasserie
1011 E. Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(BP) - map

Cannon Ball Brewing
1650 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis

Central State Brewing
(Under construction)

Chateau de Pique (Pardieck Winery)
6725 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis
(TR) - map

Chilly Water Brewing
719 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis
(Fountain Square)
(BP) - map

Circle City Brewing
(In planning)

Cutters Brewing
9973 US 36, Avon
(BR, TR)
(Sadly closed in Feb, 2015)

Danny Boy Brewing
12702 Meeting House Rd., Carmel
(West Clay)
(BR, TR) - map

Daredevil Brewing
1151 Main St., Speedway
(BR, TR) - map

Deviate Brewing
4060 W. 96th St., Indianapolis
(BP) - map
(Planned to open in summer, 2015)

Eagle Creek Beer

Flat 12 Bierworks
414 N. Dorman St., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Flix Brewhouse
2206 E. 116th St., Carmel
(BR, TR, cinema)
(opening spring, 2015)

Fountain Square Brewing
1301 Barth Ave., Indianapolis
(Fountain Square)
(BR, TR) - map

Four Day Ray Brewing
17406 Tiller Ct., Westfield
(BR, TR)
(Opening in fall, 2015)

Grand Junction Brewing
110 S. Union St., Westfield
(BP) - map
Granite City Food and Brewery
49 West Maryland St., Indianapolis
(BP) - map
150 W. 96th St., Carmel
(BP)- map

Heady Hollow Brewing
11069 Allisonville Rd., Fishers
(BR, TR)

Indiana City Brewing
24 Shelby St., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

MashCraft Brewing
1140 N. SR 135, Greenwood
(BR, TR) - map

Outliers Brewing
534 E. North St., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Oaken Barrel Brewing
50 N. Airport Pkwy, Greenwood
(BP) - map

Planetary Brewing
500 Polk St., Greenwood
(BR, TR) - map

Ram Restaurant and Brewery
140 S. Illinois St., Indianapolis
(BP) - map
12750 Parkside Dr., Fishers
(ABP) - map

Redemption Alewerks
7035 E. 96th St., Fishers
(BP) - map

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
10 W. Washington St, Indianapolis
(BP) - map
2801 Lake Circle Dr., Indianapolis

Round Town Brewery - Indianapolis
(License issued)

Saint Joseph Brewery
540 N. College, Indianapolis
(BP)- map

Metazoa Brewing Co.
140 S. College Ave, Indianapolis (Downtown)
(BR, TR) - map

Sun King Brewery
135 N. College, Indianapolis
(BR, TR)- map
7848 E. 96th St., Fishers
(BR TR) - map

The Tap
306 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis
(ABP) - map

Three Pints Brewing
5020 Cambridge Way, Plainfield
(BP) - map

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing
1021 Broad Ripple Ave., Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(BP) - map

Tow Yard Brewing
501 S. Madison, Indianapolis
(BP) - map

Triton Brewing
5764 Wheeler Rd., Indianapolis
(BR, BP) - map

Triton Tap
915 Broad Ripple Ave.
Indianapolis (Broad Ripple)
(TR) - map

Twenty Below (Twenty Tap)
5408 N. College Ave., Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(BP) - map

Two Deep Brewing
714 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Union Brewing
622 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel
(BP) - map

Upland Brewing
5852 N. College, Indianapolis
(Broad Ripple)
(TR) - map
820 E. 116th St., Carmel
(TR) - map

Wabash Brewing
5328 W. 79th St.,  Indianapolis
(BR, TR) - map

Wooden Bear Brewing
21 W. North St., Greenwood
(BR, TR) - map


Campbell House Inn & Brewing
2019 E. Main St., Richmond
(Nanobrewery) - map
( "opening soon")

Hoosier Brewing
(Under construction)

Lil' Charlie's
504 E. Pearl St., Batesville
(BP) - map

New Boswell Brewing
410 N. 10th St., Richmond
(BR, TR) - map

Noble Order Brewing (at J&J Winery)
3407 National Road West, Richmond
(BP) - map

South Central

450 North Brewing
8111 E. 450 N, Columbus
(BP) - map

Big Woods Brewing
60 Molly's Lane, Nashville
(BP) - map
Big Woods Pizza Co.
44 N. Van Buren St., Nashville
(ABP) - map
Quaff ON! Brewing
1934 SR 135, Nashville
(TR) - map

Bloomington Brewing (Lennie's Pizza)
1795 E. 10th St., Bloomington
(BP) - map

Cedar Creek Brew Co. (Cedar Creek Winery)
3820 Leonard Rd., Martinsville
(BR, TR) - map

Function Brewing
108 E. 6th St., Bloomington
(BP) - map

Hawcreek Brewing
11420 N. SR 9, Hope
(BR, TR) - map

Old Post Brewpub
55 W. Madison St., Franklin
(BP) - map
(Construction under way)

Power House Brewing (Columbus Bar)
322 4th St., Columbus
(BP) - map

Salt Creek Brewery
466 Old SR 37, Needmore
(BR, TR) - map
3876 W. 3rd St., Bloomington
(BR) - map
In the Brown County Inn, Nashville
51 St. Rd. 46E., Nashville
("Our Beer ...coming soon")

Switchyard Brewing
(Planned to open in "late 2015")

Taxman Brewing
13 S. Baldwin St., Bargersville
(BP) - map

The Tap
101 N. College Ave., Bloomington
(BP) - map

Three Pints Brewing
610 W. Mitchell Ave., Martinsville
(TR) - map

Upland Brewing
350 W. 11th St., Bloomington
(BP) - map
4060 Profile Pkwy, Bloomington
(BR, TR) - map

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewing
1038 Lafayette Ave. Columbus
(BP) - map

Homebrew Clubs

American Homebrewers Association

Bloomington - St. Gambrinus Benevolence Society

Bloomington - Bloomington Hop Jockeys

Evansville - Ohio Valley Homebrewer's Association
Web site

Fort Wayne - MASH (Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers)

Goshen - Goshen Homebrew Club

Indianapolis - FBI (Foam Blowers of Indiana)

Indianapolis - MONK (Midwest Order of Nin-Kasi)

Kokomo - Howard County Homebrew Club
Web site

Lafayette - Tippecanoe Homebrewing Circle

Mishawaka - MEGA (Michiana Extract and Grain Association)

Muncie - St. Munsee Order of Brewers (Wine-N-Vine)

New Albany - FOSSILS (Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society)

Terre Haute - Wabash Valley Vintners' and Homebrewers' Club

Warsaw - Kosciusko Kettleheads

Homebrew Stores

Bloomington - Butler Winery
1022 N. College Ave. - map

Bloomington - Worm's Way
7850 N. SR 37 - map

Columbus - Simmons Winery and Farm Market
8111 E. 450 N. - map

Corydon - Cellar on the Square
110 Elm St. - map

DeMotte - Red Barn Winemaker Supplies
61181 W. 1350 N.

Elkhart - Quality Wine and Ale Supply
108 S. Elkhart Ave. - map

Evansville - Superior AG
5015 N. St. Joseph Ave.  - map

Fort Wayne - Brewers Art Supply
1425 Wells - map

Fort Wayne - Hops and Harvest
4616 E. Dupont Rd. - map

Goshen - DIY Coffee and Ale Supply
114 E. Washington St. - map

Greenwood - Brew-By-U
3021 Meridian Meadows Rd,
(Brew On Premises) - map

Greenwood - Final Gravity Homebrew Supply
3131 E. Thompson Rd. - map

Hammond - Brew and Blooms
7205 Calumet Ave. - map

Indianapolis - Brew Link Supply
1139 Shelby St. - map

Indianapolis - Easley Winery
205 N. College Ave. - map

Indianapolis - Great Fermentations
- 5127 E. 65th St., Indianapolis - map
- 7900 E. US 36, Avon - map

Indianapolis - Final Gravity
3131 E. Thompson Rd - South - map

Lanesville - Riley Ridge Wine, Beer and Canning Supplies
6335 Riley Ridge Rd. - map

Madison - Just Brew It
719 W Main St. - map

Michigan City - Shoreline Brewpub
208 Wabash St. - map

Muncie - Wine-N-Vine
1524 E. McGalliard - map

New Haven - Paterson Do it Best Hardware
880 SR 930 E. - map

Rockport - Obermeier Hardware
822 Sycamore St. - map

Saint John - Alsip Home & Nursery
10266 Wicker Ave. - map

Saint John - Kennywood Brewing Supply
9575 Wicker Ave (at Malt Brother's Brewing). - map

South Bend - Michiana Brewer's Supply
117 S. Michigan St. - map

South Bend - South Bend Brew Werks & Brewpub
216 S. Michigan St. - map

Terre Haute - Herbs & Heirlooms
1709 S. 4th St. - map

Thorntown - Sugar Creek Hops
7250 N 350 W. - map
(planning to install their own processing facility Summer, 2015).

Valparaiso - Anderson's Vineyard
430 E. US 6 - map

Valparaiso - Brewhouse Supplies
1555 W. Lincolnway - map

Westfield - Urban Farmer Brewing
4105 SR 32 W. - map

Other Suppliers

Cone Keepers Hop Yard, DeMotte

Howe Farms, Crown Point

Sugar Creek Hop Farm, Lebanon

Sugar Creek Malt Co., Lebanon

Indiana Hop Growers Association

Indiana Mobile Cannning

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Brewery Tours

Indy Brew Bus - Indianapolis brewery tours. Typically four breweries with 35 minutes each. #30/person.

Brewery Tours of Indianapolis picks up at downtown hotels, transports you to at least 4 changing breweries where you have the better part of an hour (each) to sample seasonals and specialties. The bus has a cooler for your growlers. Even free water on the bus. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. $30/person.

Indy JoyRides - Indianapolis brewery tours. "We'll Drive You to Drink". Pick up at the Omni Hotel. Thurs evening, Fri, Sat and Sun afternoon and evenings. Normal route is Sun King, Flat 12, Bier, Black Acre, Tow Yard. $30/person.

Illiana Brewbus - Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun rides to breweries in Northwest Indiana and southern Chicagoland. Typically $25-35.

Epic Limo - Tour to at least 5 breweries. $600 per limo.

The BrewsLine start their tours in Hamilton county and cover the north and downtown Indianapolis.



Allied Beverage Tanks, Inc. - Chicago

Brewery Collectibles Club of America
Hoosier Chapter (South Bend)
IBC Chapter (Central Indiana)
Indiana Craft Cans (Central Indiana)
Three Rivers Chapter (Fort Wayne)

Blichmann Engineering - Lafayette


Online Courses Review - List of online craft brewing schools and college courses.

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